Laravel custom CMS

Laravel offers the best code, expressive migration system along with robustness of building any web application with complete ease.


Laravel is the perfect choice for building modern web-based systems and complex solutions. This enables us to deliver cost effective projects in a timely manner while ensuring consistent quality and maintainability. Though Laravel is a relatively young framework, majority of our developers have been working with Laravel for the past couple of years.

Due to factors such as robustness, maintainability and other strengths we use Laravel to build most of our projects like ERP, complex solutions, web portals, business solutions and many more. We go for another framework, only if the client has an existing system that uses it and requires our expertise with it.

Dropzone Upload files
Stripe Online Payment
Implemented functionality

  • User Permission based Management
  • Page Content Management
  • Blog Posts Content & Taxonomy management
  • Contact Form submissions management
  • Drag & Drop Media Uploads (Dropzone.js)
  • Online Payment (Stripe)
  • Enter your Name & E-Mail

  • Discuss with our team

  • Receive a good support