The Way We Work

From product planing to requirement specification, we perform a business analysis in close collaboration with client.



Let us make the plan of developing your system.
We provide detailed estimation, and define functional and nonfunctional requirements. Client receive the project vision.

We use online tools to manage tasks and communicate with client, our preferred tool is Jira Atlasian, but we are also open to any kind of project management preferred from client.
Clients also are able to edit or provide any suggestion.


UI/UX Design

Based on planning and requirements we provide a set of design examples, how the finished project will be.
Client will choose one Master design and also small parts as modules from different suggestions.

We design software solutions targeted at providing an intuitive user experience. A great design is not only how it looks but also how it works. Client get a product that is a user honeypot; both magnetizing and user-friendly.



Believe development in our experienced team.

When the solution architecture is clear, we move onto the development. We use our expertise in different domains and employ a set of tools and latest programming technologies to build a comprehensive solution that fits client needs.


Testing & Support

Picking out a ready part of the project, we test and eliminate bugs to make sure everything is working as expected.
The final build is so bug-free can confidently boast about it.

We end up with a solution delivered within the planned time frame. But this isn't a goodbye. We continue collaboration on a long-term basis to help you succeed.
When it comes to post-production monitoring and maintenance, we keep an eye on your products.
You will receive ongoing support and improvements.

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