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CheckThisMenu presents an innovative solution to revolutionize the dining experience in restaurants. Recognizing the limitations of traditional paper menus, this Laravel-based project empowers establishments to seamlessly transition to a digital menu system. With the generation of unique QR codes for each menu, patrons can effortlessly access a dynamic and interactive menu directly from their smartphones. This not only addresses accessibility challenges but also introduces features for customers to call a waiter and request the bill, all from the convenience of their device. CheckThisMenu optimizes efficiency, minimizes physical contact, and elevates the overall dining experience, marking a significant leap toward modern and streamlined restaurant services.

client : Aktovis

date : June 2021

category : Web Development

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Easy to customize interface
Easy User Interface to Gain More Control Over Your Business.

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We provide the best UI/UX Design by following the latest trends of the market.

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Increase Your Orders Revenue More Than 20% in a few steps.

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CheckThisMenu keeps track of what your clients do to help you manage your menu.

problem to solve

Traditional paper menus in restaurants often pose challenges in terms of efficiency and customer experience. Patrons face inconveniences such as limited accessibility, lack of interactivity, and the need for physical contact with waitstaff to place orders or request assistance. Additionally, managing bills manually can result in delays and hinder the overall dining experience. These constraints underline the necessity for a modernized and streamlined approach to restaurant services.


In response to the limitations posed by traditional menus, our Laravel-based project introduces an innovative solution for restaurants. Each establishment can effortlessly create and manage its digital menu, enhancing accessibility for patrons. The system generates a unique QR code for each menu, allowing customers to conveniently access it with their smartphones. This digital menu not only provides an interactive and engaging way for customers to browse offerings but also includes a feature enabling them to call a waiter and request the bill directly from their device. This tech-driven solution optimizes efficiency, reduces physical contact, and significantly enhances the overall dining experience for both patrons and restaurant staff.

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