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We harness the power of mobile for you to stay ahead of the competition. We work closely with every client at all the project stages including business analysis, UI/UX design, engineering, testing, and release.

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Cross-Platform Solutions

We guide you across cross-platform strategies to choose the right one for your app. And use Angular and Ionic (Cordova) to make the resulting solution look and perform great on any platform.

Responsive Design

To reach customers wherever they are, your product needs to be ubiquitous. Mobile phones, tablets and desktops — we offer best responsive design practices for you to create engaging customer experience for all possible platforms.

With the mobile market growing year on year, businesses have to consider mobile UI and mobile UX first to generally improve user experience. We provide mobile UI/UX design and development to help brands be mobile-friendly.

& Reports
High Productivity

The Best way of Data Analysis and Reports

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

Well structured

Well organized, commented and readable code.
Documentation for every detail.


Ajax functionality which makes interaction much more quicker and interactive.

Data Analytics

Bundle Design with a bunch re-usable elements for better Data Visualisation.


Our focus is on clean code, and creating a final product that is maintainable and scalable. We’re always happy to provide advice on the best technical solutions.

MangoSoft offers a broad range services, all from simple web page programing to complex custom software solutions. The company provides configuration of existing web framework solutions, PHP programing, ets. Our extensive knowledge of programing languages has lead us to developing various custom software with PHP, Java, VB, C#, etc. Most of our work is programmed from ground zero in order to provide solution for our customer needs.

We’ll start by becoming experts in your business. This means understanding the ins and outs from the brand and customer perspectives.
Once we are well versed in your brand’s value proposition, competition, and industry challenges, we’ll design a custom solution that fulfills all your needs.

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Some Important Points to be noted

Our extensive knowledge of programing languages has lead us to developing various custom software.

Web Solution

We practice business-driven development to create flexible and scalable Web Systems aimed at gaining competitive advantage for our customers. Whether you need a corporate website, an ERP system or CRM — we are here to lend you a hand and meet all your specifications.

Web Applications

We help your business be omnipresent via flexible web apps. Delivering solutions powered by progressive web apps, accelerated mobile pages, and custom API development. Take advantage of web apps to streamline your business across the desktop & mobile web.


Commerce is moving to the web, and we believe that selling online should be easy. We create custom web applications. Our area of expertise includes e-commerce web portals, online payments systems, and custom solutions for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors of all sizes.

Back-end system

If you are seeking a backend solution for your project — you’ve found the right people for the job. We can revitalize your web frontend by handling all the calculations, business logic, database interactions, and performance. Our system analysts will make sure we are aligned with your vision.

Select your

Select your Best package

From product planing to requirement specification, we perform a business analysis in close collaboration with client.

Start up

Idea to production

4999 €

  • 20hours consulting
  • 20hours research & analyze
  • Logo & Brandbook
    Colors & Business Card
  • 500hours programming (development)
    a team of 2 developers
  • 12 Months Support
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Ready for sales

9999 €

  • 30hours consulting
  • 30hours research & analyze
  • Logo & Brandbook
    Colors & Business Card
  • 1000hours programming (development)
    a team of 2 - 3 developers
  • 12 Months Support
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Produce, Upgrade & Maintain

-/ request based

  • Consulting
  • Research & Analyze
  • Branding
    Graphic Design
  • Programming (development)
    a team of 1 - 6 developers
  • 12 Months Support
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The way of work

From product planing to requirement specification, we perform a business analysis in close collaboration with client.

Let us make the plan of developing your system. We provide detailed estimation, and define functional and nonfunctional requirements. Client receive the project vision.

We use online tools to manage tasks and communicate with client, our preferred tool is Jira Atlasian, but we are also open to any kind of project management preferred from client. Clients also are able to edit or provide any suggestion.

Based on planning and requirements we provide a set of design examples, how the finished project will be. Client will choose one Master design and also small parts as modules from different suggestions.

We design software solutions targeted at providing an intuitive user experience. A great design is not only how it looks but also how it works. Client get a product that is a user honeypot; both magnetizing and user-friendly.

Believe development in our experienced team.

When the solution architecture is clear, we move onto the development. We use our expertise in different domains and employ a set of tools and latest programming technologies to build a comprehensive solution that fits client needs.

Picking out a ready part of the project, we test and eliminate bugs to make sure everything is working as expected. The final build is so bug-free can confidently boast about it.

We end up with a solution delivered within the planned time frame. But this isn't a goodbye. We continue collaboration on a long-term basis to help you succeed. When it comes to post-production monitoring and maintenance, we keep an eye on your products. You will receive ongoing support and improvements.

Waterfall Model

The waterfall model is a breakdown of project activities into linear sequential phases, where each phase depends on the deliverables of the previous one and corresponds to a specialisation of tasks.

Scrum Agile Model

When it comes to execution, we follow an agile methodology. Instead of just throwing things at a wall to see what sticks, we move in small, strategic bursts, pausing periodically to analyze our progress and adjusting when necessary.

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About US
In our products,
you will only find the best.

Your digital ambassadors

At Mangosoft, we create perfection. In our products, you will only find the best.

MangoSoft is a private held company founded in Struga, North Macedonia in 2015 and operates in the worldwide market of Information Technology. We expect to catch the interest of a regular loyal customers with their personalized needs. Moreover, we aim to offer our services at a competitive price market to meet the demands of wider customer range.

We believe that a global mindset is key to thriving in the digital age.
We’re here to help you take your brand into international markets. We build bridges across language, cultural, and technical barriers so you can excel in the online global marketplace.

With hundreds of digital projects in our case archive and with extensive experience in most industry sectors we most likely understand your challenges and have relevant case experience.

Meet our gorgeous

Meet our team

We bring energy, focus, and expertise to all the projects we work over.
We work extremely hard to be sure your business succeeds.

Leotrin Elmazi

CEO - Full-Stack Developer

Leotrin Elmazi
Fitim Ismaili

CTO - Software analyst, tester

Fitim Ismaili
Berat Ajredini

Software engineer & analyst

Berat Ajredini
Milot Hoxha

Mobile App Developer

Milot Hoxha
Arben Nasufi

QA & Backend Developer

Arben Nasufi
Aida Xhafer

UX Designer & Front-End

Aida Xhafer
Emel Islamoski

Full-Stack Developer

Emel Islamoski
Maja Naumoska

Front-End Developer

Maja Naumoska

next BIG thing

Let's make the next BIG thing. TOGETHER.

We code, design and everything in between to provide you the best software solution.

Kej 8-mi Noemvri nr.14
6330 Struga, North Macedonia


Leotrin Elmazi
+389 71 588 956

Fitim Ismaili
+389 70 520 694