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about this project

EuroBus is a comprehensive Laravel-based project tailored for Bus Travel Agencies, offering a sophisticated platform for efficient route and bus management. With a global reach spanning different countries and cities, EuroBus provides administrators with the flexibility to control ticket sales, allowing or disallowing transactions for inside country travel. The system allows for dynamic pricing, enabling administrators to set prices for each connection point along a route. For clients, the platform supports online ticket payments, providing a seamless and convenient experience. Additionally, the integration of coupon functionality allows travelers to enjoy discounts, enhancing the overall affordability and attractiveness of the service.

client : EuroBux

date : September 2019

category : Web Development

backend frontend qa tools
Laravel Blade
Ionic (Angular)
Manual Testing
API Testing
Cpay Casys
Shared Hosting


real time route availability


years of ongoing cooperation


development team members


partners using the app

problem to solve

Traditional bus travel management often faces challenges in adapting to the diverse needs of travelers. The lack of a centralized system for route and bus management makes it cumbersome for administrators to control ticket sales based on country-specific regulations. Pricing inconsistencies and manual payment processes can lead to operational inefficiencies, hindering the overall customer experience.


EuroBus emerges as the solution to the complexities faced by Bus Travel Agencies. Through this Laravel project, administrators gain granular control over ticket sales, deciding whether to permit transactions for inside country routes. The dynamic pricing feature allows for the precise setting of ticket prices for each leg of the journey, ensuring fairness and flexibility. Clients benefit from a user-friendly interface that supports secure online payments, while the integration of coupon functionality adds an extra layer of affordability and incentive. EuroBus addresses the challenges faced by traditional systems, delivering a streamlined and modern solution for efficient bus route and ticket management.

RestfulAPI Development
Web Administration Panel
Android APP