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Presencify is a cutting-edge project designed to revolutionize the way we manage user presence across multiple communication platforms. Leveraging the power of Laravel, this innovative solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and WildX, providing automatic and real-time updates to user statuses. With a strong foundation on MySQL for data storage, Presencify ensures reliability and consistency in recording user presence. The project's agility is further enhanced through Azure Cloud configuration, optimizing Microsoft Teams services for a synchronized and efficient communication experience. Presencify is not just a project; it's a commitment to streamlining communication workflows, fostering collaboration, and elevating productivity in the digital realm.

client : 4Net Informatik

date : January 2020

category : Web Development

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Laravel Blade
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Microsoft Teams
Azure Cloud
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problem to solve

Managing presence across multiple communication platforms like Microsoft Teams and WildX can be challenging, leading to discrepancies in user status and causing disruptions in workflow. When engaged in a call on Microsoft Teams, the absence of an automated update in WildX status creates inefficiencies, potentially resulting in missed messages or calls. The lack of synchronization poses a hurdle for seamless communication and coordination.


Our innovative solution tackles the intricacies of managing presence across diverse platforms. Leveraging Laravel, we've developed a robust project that integrates with Microsoft Teams and WildX, ensuring automatic updates of user status in real-time. By employing MySQL for data storage, we guarantee a reliable and consistent record of user presence. Additionally, the Azure Cloud configuration optimizes the Microsoft Teams service, streamlining the entire process for a synchronized and efficient communication experience. This solution not only resolves the challenges of disparate presence management but also enhances overall collaboration and productivity.

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