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about this project

Vosh.ch is a revolutionary washing platform that redefines the laundry experience, offering clean laundry for all. Vosh.ch addresses the common challenges faced in maintaining fresh laundry – it's made simple, affordable, and sustainable. This platform allows users to conveniently schedule laundry pickups through an intuitive online interface. Once collected, your laundry is expertly cleaned and ironed, then promptly delivered back to your doorstep, usually within 1-2 days. What sets Vosh apart is its network of dedicated "Voshers" – private individuals or vetted cleaning companies trained to deliver high-quality laundry services.

client : Vosh

date : January 2017

category : Web Development

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problem to solve

The founders of Vosh identified a gap in the laundry services market based on their own experiences in entry-level jobs. They recognized the inconvenience of either dealing with the high costs of professional laundry services or taking on the time-consuming task of doing it themselves, especially when laundry facilities are closed after a long day of work. The absence of a tailored solution that is both uncomplicated, sustainable, and reasonably priced prompted the creation of "Vosh.ch." The founders aimed to simplify the laundry process, making it accessible and stress-free for individuals with busy schedules.


Vosh provides an elegant and efficient solution to the laundry predicament. Users can easily schedule laundry pickups through the online platform, eliminating the hassle of managing this task themselves. The platform collaborates with a network of "Vosher" service providers, private individuals, and cleaning companies carefully chosen and trained by the team. This network ensures that users receive their cleaned and ironed laundry at a time that suits them, typically within 1-2 days. "Vosh.ch" is not just a laundry service; it's a sustainable and affordable solution designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of individuals who value convenience without compromising on quality.

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